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People are always so focused on the size of their clothes. I worked in retail and often had a shocked reaction when I suggested a size bigger and never truly understood why it was such a big deal. I even had a lady asking me the equivalent of a French size 48 and refused to accept that the answer was XXL to XXXL.

The size of your clothes don’t matter, it’s how they fit you.

I am not thin by any means, I never pretended I was, but I will tell you honestly, I did buy pieces that were a size XXL like I did XS, and it doesn’t matter. The size written on the tag doesn’t define me or my style.

I know that a lot of women out there still have issues with their own body, thin women hoping for curves while curvy ones hoping to be thinner. In some ways, I am part of it. The grass is always greener on the other side.

I use to hold too much importance on what the size written on the tag said and how it defined me in a small way. I didn’t want to be the girl wearing a large when everyone else was a small. But I grew up and my body changed throughout the years. Let me tell you that being a cup E now, I had to adapt and learn how to make peace with it.

When I go shopping, I have the reference of being around a large but I will look at the piece of clothing I chose and check if the fabric stretches, if there are any seams on the chest area or buttons all the way down, and will size up or down accordingly.


I also check which brand I buy because they don’t always size the same. UK and US companies have larger sizing than French, Spanish or Italian ones for example. I could be a medium in New Look like an extra large at Zara. But so what? I get what feels right and what will compliment my figure and style.

I hope next time you go shopping you won’t pay too much attention to what the tag says and more on how you can look great in it. 

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