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Out of all the trends that are making a come-back this year, one of my favorite by far is the modernized version of a power suit. From bold colors to more neutral or pastel tones, dressed up or worn with sneakers, everyone can find a perfect fit.

There are several ways you can add a touch of personality to your monochromatic suit. First, you can simply accessorize with gold and bold earrings, which are a big hit this season as well, some fancy eyewear or simply with a graphic t-shirt and a pair of simple white sneakers.

This spring is full of colors and trends we probably never thought would come back (aka fanny packs and 90’s eyewear) but let’s have fun while it lasts and let’s look back at our pictures in 10 years thinking that we wore bold enough to pull it out. Fashion is made to have fun with it, right?

What’s your favorite trend this season?

Sunglasses – Sunnies

Monochromatic Suit – Zara

Shoes – Nike

4 Monochromatic Suits to get this season

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