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Photography – Paul Renda

Creative Direction & Words – Nathalie Palud

“We’ll always have Paris.”
― Howard Koch

After so many years, I can honestly say that my perception of Paris (or France in general) has now officially been replaced.

Douce France, how have I never seen you this way before? Maybe I was simply not ready for you, not ready to face it all again. Times have changed and with my return racing forward at such a speed, I am now questioning myself, am I really doing this? Maybe I have simply been spellbound by your awe-inspiring beauty, maybe I have simply missed you so much.

Soon will come the goodbyes, soon will come the welcome backs. From Asia to Europe, will the old habits return?

This past summer was eye-opening. The determination to make a change is pushing me to take the jump without blinking. I can’t back down, I won’t let myself hesitate.

Douce France, soon I will come back to you and proclaim myself Parisian for the first time.



White Blouse – H&M

Pants – Pull & Bear

Shoes – SuiteBlanco

Sunglasses – Ray-Ban


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