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It has now been a few months I have moved back to France and now call Paris my home. I know there are so many things to discover in the city of love but, not having so much time to wonder about, I often end up just taking a walk in my neighborhood.

I am very lucky to have found an apartment just 10 minutes from Montmartre, which has quickly become my favorite area of the city. The streets, the little parks, and the atmosphere are exactly what you expect it to be. With the weather being so nice lately, despite the occasional thunderstorm, taking even just a quick afternoon walk in that area is very relaxing. You can even hear the birds.

If you ever have the chance to visit Paris, I strongly suggest taking a walk in the streets of Montmartre. I know it is a climb, and there might be lots of steps to the top, but the view from the Sacré Coeur is breathtaking. Don’t stop only at the touristic landmarks but take the time to wander off to discover some hidden gems.

Dress – Zara   Shoes – Mango   Earrings – H&M

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