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I was contacted a few weeks ago by Mahi Leather to review one of their product on my website. I know it’s everyone’s goal in a way to be sent free products in exchange for their thoughts on it when they launch their website, but I honestly don’t always agree if I feel like it won’t be the right fit for you guys. I do not see the point of collaborating with a brand you already know you wouldn’t try on your own but with Mahi Leather, I was hooked.

Their products range from travel bag, totes to leather accessories and the quality is amazing. I went for the Classic Purse (here) which also exists in white (here). I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived in its own little pouch. We all know I am a sucker for good packaging.

Their products are handmade to order and you can add customized embroideries. I decided to go for a black on black embroidery of Coco to truly make it my own.

They are hosting a summer competition until June 29th where you can win the backpack of your choice!

More Information HERE

Make sure to check it out, their products are truly amazing quality.

Dress - Liquorish (Here)   Sunglasses - H&M (Here)

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