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I know that in the past it was a little difficult for me to be consistent with my uploads on my social media platforms. One of the reasons why is that I didn’t feel I had enough content to post as well as not enough variety in my outfits. The other reason was that I honestly had a full-time job and wasn’t able to always find someone to help me create the content. I promise myself that in Paris, this will all change and now am so happy to be finally giving this blogging journey my best shot. And with this includes a lot of new outfits on my Instagram profile.

Here are my favorites from May 2018. Which one of these in yours?

Dress - Zara
Outfit - Zara
Dress - Zara ( Here )
Dress & Sunglasses - H&M ( Here & Here )
Jumpsuit - H&M ( Here )
Dress - Zara ( Here )

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