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So a few weeks back, a friend of mine offered me to try out the brand Forever for who she works and has already tried and fully believes in. Knowing that my mom already purchased some products, I decided to steal it from her and try it out for myself.

So the brand itself specializes in all things aloe, which is great not only for your skin but for your metabolism and overall health. To be honest, I am not a very big fan of the taste and usually only consume it in a form of beauty product for my skin. In the past, it was a must have for me especially in the summertime after a nice day under the sun.

I tried the products out for a whole week, switching my night routine to the Infinite hydrating cleanser, restoring cream and firming serum so I can tell you all my thoughts about it.

The first thing I noticed was that my skin felt more hydrated. Using all three products was very helpful for that so I got to really try the whole experience and give my skin a much needed high dose of hydration.

My favorite of the range has to be the firming serum. I applied it last after doing the whole routine and you can almost feel the firming effect instantly. My skin felt tighter yet very moisturized.

The only thing I wish was improved was the scent of the whole range. I may be used to trying out products where perfume is added to it, which I know may not be the best, but I had a hard time adjusting to the very herbal scent. This is explained by the high percentage of aloe in each product ranging from 35 to 49 percent.

Overall, I would recommend products from the Infinite by Forever range, especially with the summer months coming along. Your skin will need a nice refreshing dose of aloe, believe me.

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