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Photography – Mickaël Le May & Nathalie Palud

Words – Nathalie Palud


Something I missed the most when I was back in Manila was some green spaces. It is true that the Philippines have a lot of beautiful beaches and islands to explore but the capital region lacks parks and places where you can just have a nice walk and a bowl of fresh air. Now that I am back home, it feels good to be able to have that just a subway ride away and escape city life for a few hours.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love the city and, to be honest, would rather live in the busiest street in the world than in the middle of nowhere just for the sake of having clean air, more privacy and a bit of silence. I have experienced living in both world and will forever be a city girl the moment I made the switch but going for a walk with a friend in a place that doesn’t fuel up on caffeine, stress and car honks is sometimes necessary.

The weather freezing or not, me and my friend decided to do the journey and escape. Cameras fully charged and outfit ready, we rode the subway and the bus, walked a little bit and finally arrived. Did we stop every few meters to take pictures? Yes. Was the weather nice and screaming for a us to be out and about? No. If we waited for the perfect day, the park might have been a lot busier and we wouldn’t have got the peace that we were hoping for. It felt nice.

The park had a lake in the center full of different kinds of birds. We took the time to sit for awhile and catch up, talk and enjoy the moment. We figured if we never take the time once in awhile to do something spontaneous and different from our regular day to day activities like we did, we would miss out on things.

After a few hours, with my nose and fingers frozen and my painful feet (thank you new shoes), we decided to finally go home but the little trip was definitely worth it.

Coat – Mango
Top – River Island
Pants – ASOS
Boots – New Look
Earrings – Monki

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