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Photography : Muataz Zamuna & Mademoislle Coconath

Words : Mademoiselle Coconath

I always thought that 25 will represent a huge milestone in my life, that I would already be married or at least engaged, with a dream career and a beautiful home.

Looking back at my younger self and thinking of the number “25”, I remember visualizing how grown up it sounds, how people are full blown adults at that age, settled with a life that they already figured out.

And now here I am…

All these beliefs are complete misconception of the reality of course, especially for our generation. 25 is an age of chaos more than settlement. It is the representation for most of the start of true adulthood. The thought of marriage feels rushed and career plans have just begun.

People may think that a quarter life crisis isn’t really something to be taken seriously, but I do comprehend where these feelings come from. We are given such a high expectation of what is to be accomplished by that quarter of century mark that you feel a sense of failure if you aren’t there yet, either personally or professionally.

I know that I can relate to some of these feelings and it wasn’t easy to accept that I am not where I thought I would be.

I always imagine myself being a very career oriented woman, already working for a fashion company by 25. The Devil wears Prada is what I pictured my mid-twenties to look like, and well… It hasn’t happen yet. I am not losing hope or doubting that I still have a bright future ahead, but on my birthday, I wanted to treat myself for a nice weekend in something luxurious enough to make me feel proud that I have at least fulfill my independency well enough to afford treating myself on my special day.


Luckily, my birthday ended up on a Saturday this year, so I was able to fully enjoy an entire weekend, I even took Friday and Monday off from work to prolonged the festivities. It isn’t everyday that you turn 25, right?

The plan was to enjoy Friday and take the time to run a few errands, stay at a 5 star hotel on Saturday night and just relax, take a bubble bath, order room service and just have a night of full pampering and Netflix binge-watching, then go home by Sunday with still the afternoon and the entire Monday to enjoy whatever I felt like when the time comes.

Friday flew by pretty fast as I was able to run all the errands I needed, buy all the junk food and other chocolates necessary for any Netflix marathon as well as bath bomb and beauty necessities.

Saturday was the big day and we manage to make it right on time for the check-in in our already booked one bedroom suite. It was honestly the biggest room I have stayed in in my life and was ecstatic to know that this was a treat by me, for me.

I know that most people will party on their

birthday, but I truly wanted relaxation and quiet.

My Chromecast installed and my bath bomb ready to be submerged, I was prepared to unwind and enjoy the rest of my day.

I spent the entire afternoon doing absolutely nothing significant and when dinner came around, we simply ordered room service.

I am always busy, stressed out and over thinking. What a pleasure and luxury it was to be as lazy as can be.

When Sunday came by, I remember thinking how I wish I could have one more night at the hotel and simply enjoy another day of pure procrastination. Little did I know that my boyfriend and my mother, alongside other family members, paired up to organize an additional night in one of the most luxurious hotel in town.

I can officially say I have been hotel-hoping for my 25th birthday and it was the best. I was able to enjoy another day of pampering, room service, bubble bath and relaxation. They even included a massage with the room.

I may not be as accomplished as I pictured a 25 year old to be but I know that my birthday was celebrated in a memorable way and that my 25th year has just begun, who knows what this year has in store for me?

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