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New Year is upon us. The time of the year when we get the chance to make another year count, where we will all get the chance to reinvent ourselves and start fresh, start new. The time of the year when motivation is at its highest and people put their hopes and dreams in priority. The time of the year when everyone is so hopeful that “this is it”, this is “the year where my life is finally going to turn around and I will accomplish my goals.”

Well, I am no exception and am fully committed to this over-postive attitude that we all develop once the countdown starts.

2016 was a year a self-discovery and I may not have accomplished everything I thought I would but, taking a step back, I realised that it is only because I needed to go through this phase first in order to move forward. 2016 helped me have a clear vision of what I want in life, and I feel very grateful that I now can

focus in more dept on the dreams and goals I have for myself.

Having said this, I still did a few things that I am proud of in 2016.

First, ladies and gentlemen, I ran my first 5km marathon. [ clap clap clap ] Yes, yes… Unbelievable but true. This resulted in acquiring my very first medal. I won’t lie to you all, they did give it to everyone, but still…

I also had the chance to swim with whale skarks and travel around the Philippines, something I should do more often while I am here. If ever I decide to go back to Europe one day, I will surely regret not taking full advantage of the opportunity to discover more places, hidden waterfalls and secret white sand beaches.

2017 has already begun and I have yet to share with you all my new goals for the new year. 

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My first and biggest goal of the year is to get healthier.

I don’t mean trying to lose 10 kilograms in 10 days but to get back in shape. I gain a bunch of weight after I stopped smocking, a habit I am glad I got rid of, but when such things happen, you turn to other sins to help you handle all kind of emotion including stress and anger. My sweet tooth brought me comfort but it’s time to get it out of the way and learn how to truly nurish my body.

I also want to make workouts part of my daily life 5 times a week. I get easily bored so I got a GuavaPass which gives me access to multiple studios accross town. I will be able to try on new things including aerial yoga or cycling.

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I completely slacked in the reading department in 2016, even if it wasn’t the lack of wanting but rather the lack of time that kept me from reading all the books I wanted to.

This year I am commited to read more, especially books that will help me improve myself, my knowledge and better develop my skills.

I would like to read a wider variety of genre in 2017 and already set a list of books to finish within the year. It will include some biographies, classic, self-development as well as short-stories and novels. You will be able to see that list as I unfold it in more Friday Books to come.

And lastly, this year I want to improve the quality of my blog and my content. I have already upgraded to a new look (like the new style?) but I also want to improve my photography skills and have a more editorial feel within my posts.

I am truly exited to see what 2017 will bring to the table and can’t wait to start this year and share all my experiences to come with all of you.

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