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Let me resume my weekend for you guys. I spent my entire Saturday marathoning Stranger Things on Netflix. If you have a subscription and you want something to watch that is nothing short from brilliant, I strongly suggest taking a full day off to spend this 8 hours in front of your screen, taking all this awesomeness in. You won’t regret it. As you can see, being completely fully booked on Saturday, I could only concentrate on this new release of Pokémon Go in my country on Sunday where I decided to go for my first real hunt and give it a try. I use to love the show as a kid, still remember the full song by heart, and just needed to check out for myself what was this hype all about. Well… After walking 10 km (I got a badge for it), using an incense at around 2:30 a.m to attract Pokémons to my location while climbing the stairs up and down my building, I can officially say that I am addicted, and that is probably an understatement. Between all this craziness, and while my phone was charging up because this game is very battery draining, I also had the time to read a good chunk of the first Friday Books, and even if it took a little while to get started, I am now intrigued by the storyline. More thoughts on it next Friday. As per the fashion side, I’ve been loving this whole frills and tassels look lately. I found this dress during the sales last July, as well as the shoes. They were definitely the best finds I found this season. Aside from the price being more than 50% off (I got these shoes for 10 dollars), I feel like these two pieces can be worn for different occasions. The dress being very light and a little see through if you don’t wear anything under it, could be use as a cover up or a perfect beach outfit. You can easily open up the buttons in the front to show your swimsuit a little more and make it beach friendly. As per the shoes, no one ever has enough black ankle boots. The lacing in front gives it a little extra style, which I am obsessed with, and the heels as well as the front of the shoes being a little rounded, give a sort of 60’s vibe. Never a bad era to sass up any outfit. Look at Edie Sedgwick, flawless. How was your weekend?

/ Outfit : H&M/


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