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You know the habit of going in a store for something more on the casual side, but ending up walking out with a brand new pair of fabulous heels that you will probably only wear once or twice.

That’s me, for everything.

Looking at my wardrobe, I am in serious lack of casual clothes, especially tops. On any given regular day, I am pretty lazy. I just want to throw a simple dress on or have a simple combination of jeans and top at hand. Something that makes me look cute, something that people might actually think I thought really hard about.

So at my last shopping trip, I made it a point to at least find a top that will be my saviour on days where my wardrobe looks extremely unappealing, and any hope of putting an outfit together will be lost. Zara made it happen.

This top was everything that I look for in clothes. Easy to throw on, has an unexpected detail and fits my figure.

I know that one single piece won’t solve my problem and that if I wear this item too many times, I will get bored of it and will have to find something new again.

At least I got out of the store with what I came for, right?


/ Top : Zara / Jeans : Forever 21 / Shoes : SuiteBlanco / Sunglasses : Sunnies / Watch : Aldo /


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