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Have you ever thought of all the things you would have done if you weren’t scared? I can have really bad anxiety sometimes, overthinking everything and it has been stoping me from experiencing new things in life.

“What would people think? Would I look stupid? I shouldn’t try, I won’t make it anyways.”

All of this may sound ridiculous but I know a lot of people are feeling the same. Here is my advice for you: baby steps.

I have been working on it this past few weeks by doing just one thing that scares me each and every single week. I am not talking about facing my deepest fears (spiders) but to simply push myself out of my comfort zone.

So far, I went to the gym alone with no earphones and music to listen to, I’ve watched a movie in the cinema by myself and I am trying new classes on the weekend like belly dancing and aerial silk.

To push yourself out of your comfort zone and to accomplish new tasks feels truly liberating. I hope this will inspire you to slowly taking baby steps towards new adventures.

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