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It is Friday, finally! This week has been very long and I can’t wait to have a little bit of Me time over the weekend.

I will still have to do lots and lots of things, like catching up with my online classes and keeping up to date with anything blog related, but I have the firm intention to take some time to relax, pamper myself and read a good book while listening to the rain.

Yes, it might be summer where you are, but rainy season has begun on my part of the globe and it just makes me feel like curling up in bed and getting lost through pages and pages of literature.

I also want to do some pampering while catching up with some series on Netflix. I have really been into natural beauty products lately and I am obsessed! I bought this coffee scrub at the farmer’s market. It is homemade with only natural products and has become my favorite. I can honestly say, it is one of the best body scrub I have ever tried so far.

This weekend will also mark my return at the gym. I have been slacking off lately, due to a lack of time and motivation. I, of course, took it as a sign when Metrodeal launched a promo for a month unlimited membership in a gym near my area. No excuses, I will kickstart my workouts all over again. At least this time around, I will have a gym partner that will help me stick to my goal and stay on track. If you are having a hard time, like me, to stay motivated, ask your bestfriend to join you! A workout pal makes all the difference.

Do you guys have anything planned over the weekend?


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