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Monday, yet again. I can’t believe it is already mid May and that time has gone by so fast. I am sure lots of you know that feeling of wanting to do so many things, yet not having enough time in your day.

Well, this is my problem exactly. I am trying to do everything and time management is key (P.S: I suck at time management). I am a perfectionist and you can’t rush perfection, right?

So lately I have been trying to fit my full time job, my blog (that I manage all by myself), my workouts, my classes (I am taking 5 online classes for the month of May), my adult responsibilities and still trying to find some time to let my brain relax. All of this with the firm intension of getting at least 7 hours of sleep. If I could play the theme song from Mission Impossible while you are reading this, I probably would. I think it would be the perfect soundtrack if ever my life turns into a musical.

I am overly ambitious, and why did I enrol in 5 classes? I will tell you why. I am officially insane.

No matter how much Alicia Keys tells me that I am on Fire or that Beyonce reminds me that We run the world, I am still wishing that our days will be extended to a full 48 hours or that sleep was optional.

All jokes aside, I might have lost my mind trying to do it all at once, but knowing that I will wake up in six months or a year time with no doubts that I have done my best to be the best version I can be, to see the progress that I have made and to know that I have learn and grew, it all makes it worth it.

What are your goals and what are you trying to achieve for yourself?


/ Jacket: H&M / Top: Forever 21 / Pants : Mango / Shoes: SuiteBlanco / Watch: Aldo /


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