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Photography : Melanie Gomes
Words : Mademoiselle Coconath

“You ought to spend a little more time trying to make something of yourself and a little less time trying to impress people.”

– The Breakfast Club (1985)

Telling you all how overjoyed I am to see the fashion of the eighties make a come back will be an understatement. 
That decade represents such a fun time in fashion history when bright colors were all the rage and icons were made legendary by their bold sense of style. From Madonna to Princess Diana, power suits and shoulder pads, the eighties also represent a decade of women empowerment.
How I wish I could of experienced it first hand. How fun would it have been to look back at the horrible decisions I would of made concerning my hairdo, my fashion accessory choices and my over obsession on scrunchies. Witnessing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” air for the first time, sing along to Cyndi Lauper and swoon to Patrick Swayze’s dancing skills on the big screen for the opening weekend of “Dirty Dancing” would of all been on my bucket list if only it was possible to rewind time.
But thank god for fashion come backs. I may not have had the chance to experience all these marking events that made the eighties such a memorable time period but I get to copy the style for little. Maybe even look back in a couple of years and laugh at my fashion faux pas like I would of my parent’s old school pictures.
Spring 2017 is going to be a colorful one indeed.




Dress – Zara
Earrings – Forever 21
Shoes – Call it Spring
Dress – Zara
Earrings – Forever 21
Shoes – Call it Spring



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